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What can you expect when you book your Tampa Bay fishing charter?

Tampa Bay fishing charters can be an exciting adventure for all. Your Tampa bay fishing guide is an experienced Captain who spends well over 200 days per year on the waters of Tampa Bay either providing charters or scouting for the next one. You will be able to expect being aboard a boat with one of the top full time fishing guide Tampa fl. Your Tampa Bay fishing guide Capt. Steve Betz will instruct you on how to target the species of fish you are after. You will catch a variety of species on your fishing charters Tampa fl.

Inshore Charters

tampa inshore fishing charters client with snook

Captain Steve Betz offers Tampa Inshore Fishing Charters targeting all of the coveted inshore species that Tampa Bay has to offer. Whether looking for a day of easy fishing or stalking the shallows for sight fishing opportunities, Flats and Bay Tampa Fishing Charters has you covered!


Tarpon Fishing Charters

tampa tarpon fishing charters tarpon hooked up

When that time of year arrives for the annual Tarpon migration, the Tampa waters heat up with droves of the Silver Kings. Tampa Tarpon fishing charters are generally available May through August, but do call ahead as these Tampa Tarpon fishing charters can start at any time.


Near Shore Charters

tampa nearshore fishing charters clients with kingfish

The Tampa near-shore fishing charters with Flats and Bay Captain Steve Betz opens a whole new world of fishing opportunities. The fishing targets can switch up a bit and can include kingfish, grouper, permit, and cobia. Near-shore charters is an excellent way to spend the day on the water.


A little about your Tampa Bay Fishing Charters Guide Capt. Steve Betz

Capt. Steve has lived in Tampa since 1969. He relocated to Tampa at the young age of 9 years old along with his mother, father and 5 brothers and sisters. Steve’s passion for fishing started at a young age fishing the local ponds, lakes and rivers. I the early 80’s Steve was introduced to the world of Snook fishing. Snook fishing was like no other he had done and he quickly became addicted to the salt. Over the years Steve stalked the many varieties of fish expanding his knowledge of Tampa Bay. With more than 25 years of saltwater fishing experience tucked into his tackle box he began his career doing full time Fishing charters in Tampa Bay.  Capt. Steve brings over 200 days a year of time spent on Tampa Bay to each and every one of his Tampa Bay Fishing Charters. As your fishing guide in Tampa Fl., Capt Steve will cater all types of fishermen, young, older, experienced and novice. Steve loves the opportunity to be able to share his knowledge and experiences as a Tampa Bay fishing guide. Capt. Steve runs family friendly Fishing Charters in Tampa Fl.

tampa bay fishing guide
tampa bay fishing guide charters guide and client with cobia
tampa fishing charters guide with child holding freshly caught refish

reserve tampa bay fishing chartersBook Your Fishing Charter

Ready for a relaxing day on the water with the calming sounds of a screaming drag?

Depending on the season, spring, winter, summer or fall you can expect to catch a wide variety of species with your Tampa Bay fishing guide Capt. Steve Betz on a 1/2, 3/4 or full day fishing charters Tampa fl.

Book a charter today with Flats and Bay Fishing Charters in Tampa Bay

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fishing charters client in tampa bay with big redfish
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Tampa Bay Fishing Charter Client Testimonials

Todd says,

Enjoyed a nice day on the water with Capt. Steve. All 3 of us had personal bests of Snook, Redfish and Mackeral. We also caught whiting, sheepshead, puffer and ladyfish. We kept 8 fish but caught many more. If we were not on fish, Steve moved until we got on them. he switched up baits, chummed and provided a great learning experience that we could use on future outings, on the water to catch fish on our own. Capt. Steve iced our fish, we cleaned them at home. We recommend Capt. Steve for first timers to old salts. He fits the bill as a very Good Guide.

Kelly says,

My sister and her husband were visiting from Missouri and love to fish, so I thought what the heck, there must be guides around here. We just bought a vacation house in Safety Harbor and didn’t want to go too far away. Who knew we could literally fish in our own back yard? Captain Steve is very reliable and affable, knows his stuff and does his darnedest to make everyone happy. On this particular day we didn’t slay the fish, but caught enough to keep it interesting. Some nice Jack, Snook, Red Fish and Sea Trout. When the fish are running at the surface it is really exciting.
I will look forward to exploring some lure fishing, especially top water with Captain Steve on the next adventure. We are just getting to know the area, and are grateful to find a true professional who likes what he does!

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What type of fish with be caught on my Tampa Bay Fishing Charters?

Depending on the season; spring, winter, summer or fall you can expect to catch a wide variety of species with your Tampa Bay fishing guide Capt. Steve Betz. Flats and Bay Tampa Bay Fishing Charters offers 1/2, 3/4 or full day fishing charters in Tampa fl. Some of the species you may catch on a Tampa fishing charters are, but not limited to, Snook, Redfish, Spotted Sea Trout, Tarpon, Black Drum, Spanish Mackerel, Flounder, Mangrove Snapper, Sheepshead, Cobia and Sharks. During Tampa Bay fishing charters you never know what you may catch! Tampa Bay provides a large variety of fish that most only dream of catching with a Tampa Bay fishing guide.

What about Sport Fishing Charters Tampa Fl ?

Tampa Bay starts to get a migration of Tarpon in early spring. Tarpon are one of Tampa’s premier Sport Fishing charters Tampa Fl. When you hook into a Tarpon, aka The Silver King, on your Sport Fishing charters Tampa Fl you will know you have hooked the fish of a life time! The battle will begin, your heart will start pumping, the adrenaline will flow and the sweat will pour from your body. All while you battle to bring your sport fishing charters Tampa Fl trophy boat side! Every jump and drag ripping run will put you the man or women angler to the test! Are you ready for your sport fishing charters Tampa Fl adventure of a life time?

tampa bay fishing guide client with tarpon jumping
fishing charters in tampa bay florida client hooked up with tarpon
fishung guide in tampa florida holding tarpon boat side by mouth
tampa tarpon fishing charters client holding huge tarpon by lip